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See what is is like to work at one of our European locations and get a feel for working in a different environment. If you would like to apply for an internal position please click on the current vacancies tab.

Airport Shift Manager - Heathrow Airport

Exciting position working at one of our Flag ship locations. This is a great opportunity to oversea this dynamic location by managing and motivating staff in order to deliver the best form of service to our customers.

For more information on this role please email Ajaz Qureshi, ajaz.qureshi@hertz.com.

To view and apply for the role please click on the following link;


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A Day In The Life

Find out more about the recruitment and application process, what makes a successful hire and get more insight into what key attributes we look for in our Customer Service Representatives in Europe.

Whether you are looking to move internally or refer a friend, the European Recruitment Team

are here to answer any of your queries. Our Multi-Lingual team speak English, French, German, Spanish and Italian and cover our corporate markets.

Hertz EMEA Talent Acquisition team located in Swords Dublin recruit across 7 different European countries employing 1,500 people per year. We do this by bringing years of experience and a good deal of insight to the demanding process of finding the right fit for our organisation

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Meet Our Team

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